Star System
2019年9月13日(金)— 10月12日(土)

Star System


 この新旧のスタイルが跳躍し、異なった視点として今日に生まれ変わるような感覚や制作の傾向が、表現としての「Star System」なのではないか、という考えが不意に浮かびました。「スター・システム」とは、手塚治虫が日本で初めて使用したマンガ表現で有名ですが、キャラクターが作品を超えて、異なった役柄として様々に登場する手法のことです。




Star System

Recent years, I have been producing with themes of re-delineate by reutilizing unfinished works and pigments and “rebirth of hues and mediums”, but by combining my past and current styles as an extension of my development, I progress into the exploration of a time-traveling meet up kind of expression.

This new and old style of mine leaped, and a thought sprang to my mind out of the blue, telling me that this sense of being born anew today and the inclination of the production as a different viewpoint ought to have been expressed as “Star System”. “Star System” is renowned for being a comic expression first employed by Osamu Tezuka in Japan, but it is a technique where characters go beyond the works and appear in various ways in different roles.

Beyond the context, I had incorporated various expressions from all ages and places, and sought the ideal ways of paintings; I myself had also felt I understood some parts of it somewhere in me, and I thought I wanted to announce my current development as the title of this exhibition, inspired by the approach of Osamu Tezuka, who had been influenced from my childhood.

Mitsumasa Kadota